Seamoss Gel x2

Seamoss Gel x2

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300ml Seamoss Gel x2

Sea moss Gel is also known as Irish Sea Moss, is an amazing incredible superfood with a huge wide range of health benefits!

Seamoss provides the human body with 92 of 102 minerals the human body needs.

Sea Moss Gel is easy to be used in many ways, from adding to your teas smoothies food or use it as a face mask!

Use daily so you can begin to enjoy its amazing benefits including, 

1. Seamoss Gold helps with inflammation
2. Boost the immune system
3. Eliminates mucus from the body
4. Increases blood flow
5. Promotes a healthy sexual function
6. Contains 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs to thrive
7.  Improves metabolism
8.  Helps convert food into energy
9. Helps with muscle and joint pain
10. Helps treat thyroid disorders
11. Contains iron
12.  Helps ease nausea and indigestion
13.  Rehydrates the body after excessive alcohol use

(Must be consumed by use by date)